Personal Trainer at the Santa Fe Spa: Cindy Romero

Cindy Romero

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Cindy Romero, Personal Trainer at the Santa Fe SpaThe Three H's: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Lifestyle.

This is how I live and why I have devoted my life to teaching others how to live the Three H's.

A native Santa Fean, I have been a part of the Santa Fe fitness scene for over 26 years specializing in customized fitness programs for men, women and children ranging in ages from 13 to 80.

Whether your goal is weight loss, toning, regaining strength, or simply starting a new lifestyle, together we can build a program to fit your specific needs.

Empowerment comes from within; come experience your inner strength.

Cindy Romero is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Nutritionist, Certified NLP Master Life Coach, Certified TRX Trainer and Reiki Practitioner. She practices at the Santa Fe Spa or by private appointment.


"Santa Fe Spa is the friendliest gym in town and Cindy Romero is one of the main reasons. As the 'dean' of trainers at the Spa she sets the tone for the friendly tolerant atmosphere among the trainers -- just look at that smile of hers! Santa Fe Spa is blessed with the best trainers in town and Cindy is among those who 'gets it' that the work we do with our clients involves psychological/motivational insight and training, not merely physical/technical. This is clear in the results she gets for her clients as well as the fun they have and the fact that they stay loyal to her over the years.

Not only an awesome trainer -- Cindy's a beautiful person.

Cindy is my colleague at the Santa Fe Spa. When I started training there in 1996, Cindy had already been there for ten years. I found Cindy to be an expansive sturdy soul clearly confident in her ability to work with other trainers in a gym environment, welcoming me as a colleague from day one. This demonstrated professional integrity. I'm very proud to have Cindy as a colleague and friend.

You would be well-served by hiring her.

Jeff Nailen, Personal Trainer at Santa Fe Way