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Abs, Buns, Thighs, & Arms

Take your gym workout routine and put it into a fun and challenging aerobic class setting. This class targets each muscle group creating a circuit training environment utilizing weights, balls, bands, body pump bars, and many other devices. A great way to promote your physical health.


30 minutes of intense cardiovascular training mixing The Step® and floor exercises. 30 minutes of weight training with an additional focus on core, abdominal, leg, and glute training guaranteed to target muscle you never knew existed.

Body Fusion

Weight loss friendly with a twist of cardiovascular fitness. Body Fusion provides a full cardio-strength-balance-flexibility in one class. A one (1) hour non-stop full body workout while maintaining a consistent aerobic heart rate throughout class.

Boot Camp

Like having your own personal trainer challenge you by using body conditioning drills, weights, Reebok© Steps, and gym style exercises. Class is a specifically designed to increase cardiovascular fitness and full body conditioning. Classes can be different each week as the instructor chooses various exercises to train target muscle groups as well as incorporate dynamic exercises for overall strength. There is no choreography and is designed as a intermediate to advanced workout.

Cardio X

Class consists of moderate strength training – cardio HIIT  training – tabata – yoga flex – ab work.

Hatha Yoga

Body postures, breathing techniques, and meditations are used to promote circulation in organs, glands, and tissues. The yoga postures help to align and stretch to body promoting flexibility and balance. The breathing and meditation techniques help clear the mind. Thus, yoga helps to create a healthy mind and body experience.

Hatha Flow with Pilates

A hybridization of Hatha Flow Yoga and Mat Pilates. This class will help you: develop greater range of motion throughout spine and limbs; improve your balance; core stability and strength with synergistic muscle groupings. Good for beginner to intermediate practioners.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) uses relatively short, high intensity cardiovascular intervals that are alternated with less intense recovery intervals. The class uses various modalities to keep it interesting. The Step, weights, bands, and disc are used and switched a various class times. A great cardio and body conditioning workout.


This class will get you moving and popping, while getting a great workout! You will learn hip hop technique and choreography. Students will develop rhythm, coordination, and self-expression.

Iron Burn

The 500 calorie weighted workout. Athletic Intervals- Constant Cardio- Free Weight - Core Building.


MixxedFit® is a people-inspired dance fitness program that is a mix of explosive dancing and bootcamp toning. All movements are always big, exaggerated, full-out,choreography is not complex or difficult. Steps are repetitive and very easy to follow which means students can naturally increase their level of intensity during their workouts.

Muscle Up

Emphasis on ALL major muscle groups with minor cardiovascular condition. Good for all levels utilizing weights, bodybars, weighted balls, and bands.

Muscle Up Circuit

Muscle Up combined with timed 1-4 minute intervals of hard core cardiovascular exercise for optimum calorie burn.

Power Yoga w/Pilates

A hybridization of Ashtanga, and Vinyassa Yoga that integrates mat pilates throughout the 1.5 hour routine. This class is great for athletes and cross trainers who would like to improve overall flexibility, core strength and stability, balance, postural alignment and mental focus. Great for Intermediate to advanced practioners.

Step Conditioning

Utilizing the Reebok© Step and risers to adjust step height, Step Conditioning incorporates step choreography to emphasize strength and agility training for the lower body. Hand weights can be added to the choreography to add an intense upper body workout. The class concludes with approximately 10 minutes of floor exercises including abdominal training.

Strong: Musclework with an Edge:

Class is influenced by a “strong” free weight workwout as well as Yoga, Pilates dance, and decades of fitness training/group instruction and experience. Michael has taught fitness in some of the largest settings in the United States including Los Angeles, New York, Boston, San Francisco and Santa Fe. His experience gives him the edge the “EDGE.”

Super Sculpt

Get fit and be strong! Focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, balance, agility, and core strength. This class will give you a full body workout every time, utilizing hand held weights, and Reebok steps. Get fit and be strong! Focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, balance, agility, and core strength. This class will give you a full body workout every time, utilizing hand held weights, and Reebok steps.

Total Conditioning

It's all About That Pace! Fast-up your fitness in this high energy total conditioning class. Focus on cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and endurance, balance, agility, Plyometrics, and core strength.

Yoga Flow

Like Hatha Yoga, Yoga Flow uses body postures, breathing techniques, and mediation. In Yoga Flow, the instructor will have your move or "flow" from one posture to the next in continuous motion.


Zumba® blends red-hot international music and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive. Since its inception in 2001, the Zumba® program has grown to become the world's largest and most successful Latin-inpired dance fitness program with more than 12 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba® classes in over 110,000 locations across more than 125 countries.

Zumba® & Toning

Infuses body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio. Zumba® moves to create a strength-training fitness dance party that includes hand weights.