Personal Trainer at the Santa Fe Sps

Pamela Herzenberg

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Cardiovascular Training • Aerobic Choreography • Personal Training

Pamela Herzenberg, Trains at the Santa Fe SpaPamela Herzenberg is a Fitness Consultant, Master Class Instructor, and AFAA Certified Trainer.

With more than 20 years experience in the fitness field, Pamela is best known for her philosophy that puts Internal Wellness ahead of Exterior Appearance. She emphasizes feeling fit and energized, and staying mentally and physically healthy.

"It's not how you look that's important -- it's how you feel."

Pamela is versed in the weight room, cycle, kickboxing, step, aerobics, yoga, Pilates, aqua, stability ball, Bosu ball, prenatal/post partum, and senior citizen training. She has instructed at the ECA World Fitness Convention in New York, one of the biggest conferences of its kind, and continues to teach, train, and prepare, the future aerobic instructors and personal trainers here in New Mexico and around the country.

Pamela is the Co-creater of the Towel Workout™ and Heat™ introduced at the 2005 ECA World Fitness Convention in New York City. The programs uniquely integrate cardiovascular exercise with functional strength training for maximum synergy.