Personal Fitness Trainer at the Santa Fe Spa: Renee Bartlet

Renee Bartlett

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Renee Bartlett, Personal TrainerM.A. Kinesiology
American College of Sports Medicine, Fitness Specialist
CTRS, National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Specialist

Ms. Renee Bartlett is the first graduate student from California State University, Long Beach to inter-relate the ideals, philosophies and current practices of kinesiology and recreational therapy. This infusion is her trademark: she is able to integrate the art and study of human movement with the principles of recreation therapy. Renee is a personal trainer who has taught Yoga, Progressive Relaxation, Spin, Resistance, Balance and Mobility, and Dance for over ten years at numerous levels. Her diverse background enables her to work with competitive athletes as well as implement rehabilitation programs.

Ms. Bartlett completed the certification program in Therapeutic Recreational Therapy, December 2003 at Long Beach California State University; and successfully passed the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification.

Renee is extremely excited about completing her certification from Santa Fe Community College as a physical education educator. Her goal is to integrate her work in kinesiology, recreation therapy, personal training, gerontology, and physical education. Her intention is to create a foundation to fund an annual college scholarship for a promising high school athlete.